Who I am

This blog documents a particularly eventful struggle that I had with depression in Singapore. It is my hope that the blog will help others who either know someone in depression, or is suffering from depression themselves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at depressioninsg at gmail dot com. Please note the following:

  1. I will do my best to answer you as a sufferer of depression. Abuse of any sort will not be tolerated and will be ignored without a reply.
  2. Same goes for spam or marketing. Not interested, thanks.
  3. I will do my best to reply, but bear in mind that I am one person, and this is out of goodwill. That being said, I will still do my best.
  4. If you are facing a mental health emergency, do not email anyone. Call a loved one, or your mental health emergency services at once. In Singapore, call Samaritans of Singapore at 1800 221 4444 or IMH’s mental health helpline at 6389 2222.
  5. I am not a mental health medical practitioner, so please do not consider any of my advice as authoritative. Please consult a medical professional if you have any questions on medications or treatments.

Otherwise, please feel free to contact me, especially if you simply wish to have someone to talk to who knows the pain of depression.